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Our software is the ultimate solution for fitness and wellness facility owners who want to streamline their operations. From scheduling to membership management, check-ins, and payments, our software handles it all, allowing you to focus on what really matters – your customers’ health and happiness.

You can utilize the STRONGBEE White Label feature to showcase your brand identity on a customized website that you can market to your customers. Strengthen your brand identity with our UI templates and your very own URL. This feature, in turn, would make for a smooth customer journey when booking a class.

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Here's how subscribing to the STRONGBEE White Label brings about a big difference

White Label

Booking proceeds will be transferred to your account on a weekly basis

All bookings generated from the white label are commission-free
*t&c applies

You get your own website for your business

You can make your own event without approval and event charge

Strengthen your brand identity

Non White Label​

Booking proceeds will be transferred to your account on a monthly basis

Commission fee applied to every booking transaction

No website for your business

You’ll need to get approval and pay a fee to create your own event

Monthly platform fee if you have less than 4 bookings per month

You'll have to a pay a one-time registration fee

Trainer Management

Add new and existing trainers as well as edit the information shown on their profile. You can assign these trainers to any available classes in your establishment.


Showcase and strengthen your brand identity with a customized website, web tools, and email templates. Your business profile will automatically be registered and shown on the STRONGBEE consumer app.

Customer Management

Check information regarding your customers and their bookings. They’ll also be able to self-check-in during classes using the STRONGBEE QR Code. You’ll also be able to view and reply to ratings and reviews from customers.

Staff Management

Running a business takes a team effort! So, we’ll give your staff unlimited logins to handle any necessary business processes.


No matter where you are, your dashboard is just a click away! You can access your dashboard anywhere, anytime, and from any device.


Life is busy, but managing your schedules shouldn't be! With our software, you can update your date and time schedules from anywhere, anytime. Sold out or inactive classes? No problem! Simply change their status through our easy-to-use dashboard.

Booking Management

With our dashboard, you have total control! You can easily accept or reject any incoming booking, add walk-in customers, and even issue an invoice on the spot. Plus, you can create and manage exciting events all from one software


Tired of juggling multiple payment platforms and keeping track of transactions? We got you covered! With our dashboard, you can view comprehensive transaction reports and streamline your entire payment process.

Membership Management

Managing your membership products has never been easier! You can easily add or edit items that fall under your membership products category. Plus, you can keep track of who has purchased a membership product and how many transactions they have left, all in just a few clicks!

Room Management

Every class is unique and needs its own dedicated space. Our software makes it easy for you to assign specific rooms for each class, so you can optimize your space and create a seamless fitness experience for your clients.

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