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Employees can search, find & book classes from over 2000 classes available.
All your employees will also save by only paying for employees who sign up.
Employees can search, find & book classes from over 2000 classes available.

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Strongbee is the solution for building a holistic health culture within your company. Engage and inspire your team and beestrong with us today.

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    Experience the best in health and fitness

    Strongbee provides an exciting wellness program for your company. Exercise with your co-worker and experience a wholesome program by certified trainers or professionals.

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    In-studio classes

    Book classes at leading fitness centers and studios.

    Programs designed especially for your team

    Create special classes and events to inspire.

    Livestream workouts

    With livestream classes, you can experience the spirit of the studio in the comfort of your home.

    On-demand access

    Special access and advance bookings for on-demand classes.

    We get your team

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    Only pay employees who join up for program

    Save money by only paying for those who sign up.

    Access to dashboard

    A personalised company dashboard allows you to see and track your team activities.

    Get BPASS Corporate

    Flexibility to choose the activities you want with affordable prices.


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