Corporate Wellness

Let’s maintain a healthy office life!
STRONGBEE can help you make sure that all your employees have a balanced physical and mental health.

Work Life Challenges

High healthcare cost

Illness due to lack of exercise can increase employees’ medical spendings.

Poor posture

Sitting in front of a computer for a long time can cause lower back pain, neck pain, and even bad eyesight.

Too tired, too busy

Employees sometimes do not have enough time and energy to exercise.


Working under pressure can cause stress, disrupting workers’ mental health.

Quarantine blues

When working from home, the tendency to snack excessively with little exercise is high.

Importance of Exercise in Corporate Life

Health is Wealth

Healthy Workforce


Improving employees’ wellness and eventually retention, reducing absence and sick leave.


Boost productivity

Increasing work performance, team spirit, and return on employee training.

Medical Bill

Less medical spending

Decreasing likelihood of chronic illness and workplace injury as result of unhealthy lifestyle.


A fitness program tailored to your company’s preference and needs

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