Corporate Wellness

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Work Life Challenges

High Health Care Cost

Save money on insurance and new employees’ training costs

Poor Posture & Other Pain

On average 6.5 hrs a day sitting in front of computer can cause: lower back pain, eyestrain, obesity, poor posture & neck pain

Too Tired & Too Busy

70% of employee say they don’t have time to exercise


Regular exercise will give your team the resources to tackle stress and other mental blockers with ease

Quarantine Rules

Snacking more, exercising less, excessive weight gain, less social interaction

Why is exercise important for corporations?

Health is Wealth

Healthier Workforce

Improved corporate image & retention of team members. Reduce absenteeism & sick leave. Improve team morale, satisfaction & motivation

Increase Productivity

Improved work performance and productivity. Increase return on training & development investment. Improve team spirit & engagement.

Spend Less on Medical

Decrease the risk of chronic illness & preventable diseases. Reduce any workplace injury as a result of unhealthy living.


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