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STRONGBEE’s mission is to help people kickstart a healthy lifestyle in an easy and accessible way, providing our audience with credible information surrounding fitness, health, and wellness.

We combine sports and innovative technology through a digital platform that connects users to trainers, nutritionists, psychologists, and various sports facilities without charging an extra membership fee.

Accessible Activities

Workout where you want and whenever you want. Find classes with location and time that fits your routine

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Personalised Access

An in-app experience that is tailored to your fitness preferences and goals. The STRONGBEE app makes it easy for you to find the workout you desire

Top Rated

We pride ourselves on the trust that our customers and partners gave us. Before any business objectives, our aim is to serve.

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Global Reach

Aside from our classes being widely available, there are many international customers and partners that recognize and trust STRONGBEE’s services.

Easy Transaction

Providing the best services with a system that allows for an easy transaction process. Focus on your workout, and we’ll handle the rest!

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Free Membership

Our goal is to provide access and raise people’s interest in health, fitness, and wellness. We believe that it shouldn’t take much to start, so we don’t charge a membership fee!


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The workouts that you’ll be doing tomorrow, delivered to your inbox.
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