Tennis Practice Session

Relentless strength, resilient spirit

Tennis Practice Session

Union of strength and beauty

Showcase your competitive spirit

Tennis is a racket sport played either individually against one opponent or in a group of two players in each team. Each players holds a tennis racket to hit a tennis ball into the opponent’s court. The goal of the game is to determine a maneuver of the ball that hinders the other player from making a return. The player who is not able to return the ball does not gain a point while the opponent does. Tennis would be a great option for sports that helps with weight loss. It also decreases the risk of heart attack. Because of it intensity, tennis gives you a full body workout that increases your stamina as well.

Things to bring





If you’re looking for a safe place to practice tennis, look not further than STRONGBEE Tennis Club! Show us you competitive spirit by joining a fun, friendly, and challenging tennis practice. You will be training with experienced and certified instructors including Coach Arif, Coach Ega, and Coach Riyan. Training is open to participants of all skill levels. Price includes booking for court, coach, assistant coach, and ball boy.


STRONGBEE Tennis Club takes place in either GBK or Hotel Sultan tennis court. Check the STRONGBEE application for more information.

You can bring a water bottle, a racket, extra clothes, and a small towel. Some coaches will provide you with a racket and tennis ball. However, it’s best to check out the STRONGBEE app to make sure of the equipments the coach provides during practice.

The price of one session in STRONGBEE Tennis Club usually cost IDR 250,000.

You can download the STRONGBEE app on the App Store and Google Play Store.  Class booking is made easy with STRONGBEE!

Tennis has many physical and physiological benefits. In terms of physical fitness, tennis gives a better cardiovascular health, strength, toned muscles, hand-eye coordination, improved range of motion, and flexibility. When it comes to mental benefits, tennis develops your problem-solving skills, increase mental resilience, improve socializing skills, and enhance focus.

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