STRONGBEE is a completely free application that requires NO MEMBERSHIP to enjoy its full service —book sessions with Trainer, Class, or Court & Field.

STRONGBEE app uses your location to find nearest sport facilities and classes and you can type in the area you want to find. We do recommend you to use your current location to find the best result.

Inspired by technological advancement, we put our brains to work and build STRONGBEE to help everyone to get connected to the best trainer and sport facilities in just 1-Click-Away!


We offer you 2 options of “Cancellation Preference” for every cancelled appointments: Cancel and Reschedule.

  • Cancel: your booking will be cancelled after we received confirmation from your chosen trainer/studio regarding your class/session. We will proceed with your refund within max 7 working days.
  • Reschedule: You will be contacted via phone or WhatsApp regarding booking reschedule. After the new date is set, both trainer/studio will be notified by our CS. Please note you can only reschedule 1 time for every booking.

We currently accept: Virtual Account, Paypal, Credit Card, and GoPay. You will be immediately directed to Payment Page when you click on “Pay Now”.

There are 4 booking status in STRONGBEE app:

  • ON PROCESS: Your booking just have been made. Waiting on payment and confirmation from your trainer/sport facilities.
  • CONFIRMED: Your booking have been successfully paid and waiting on trainer/sport facilities confirmation.
  • RESERVED: Your booking and your chosen trainer/sport facilities has been confirmed. Be ready to enjoy your workout!
  • CANCELED: Your booking has been canceled by you or your trainer/sport facilities.

When your booking status is “ON PROCESS”, easily cancel your booking on Transaction Page and make a new booking. If you want to cancel when your booking status is already “CONFIRMED”, please contact your chosen trainer/places first, then confirm your booking cancellation to STRONGBEE’s Customer Service. Later, don’t forget to click “Cancel Booking” on Transaction Page and we will refund the payment max. 7 working days.

Every booking you made can be cancelled, unless your booking status is “RESERVED”. Go to Transaction tab, click on the booking you want to cancel, and tap on “Cancel Booking”, and your booking is cancelled!

You will get a refund if your booking is “RESERVED” and is CANCELLED BY trainer/studio. Refund payment process will take max. 7 working days.

When your booking status is “CONFIRMED” and you didn’t attend the session, there will be no refund.


Create your account easily with Facebook or Google. You can also sign up with your email address, fill out the form, and tap on “Sign up”. And off you go!

First, don’t panic. Second, find and click on “Forgot Password“. Soon, we will email a link to your registered email address to reset your password, so you can sign in to your account.

Thank you for your interest in STRONGBEE! We strive to have a comprehensive list of all trainers, places, classes, and events. Head over to “My Account” on STRONGBEE app or go to STRONGBEE website and click on “Become Partner Now”. We will review and add your input to the list as soon as possible!