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Yoga is for everyone! And yes, this is something that MEN should know about too. The popularity of yoga increases every year. According to a study, there’s an estimate of 55 million people started practicing yoga in 2020 with 20 million being over the age of 50. However, despite the growing popularity, women still account for 72% of all yoga practitioners.

Someone on Reddit put up a thread titled “Guys who don’t do yoga. What are some reasons you don’t?”, and here are the three main reasons why men are not interested in yoga:

“I’m not flexible enough”

“Yoga is feminine”

“Yoga is too spiritual” Whatever the reason is, know that yoga is a powerful practice for both men and women. If you’re thinking about starting or just continuing your practice, here are some awesome reasons why yoga is beneficial for men:

  1. Improves your overall physical and mental well-being
  2. Makes your body strong and flexible
  3. Relieves stresses
  4. Keeps you challenged

Even with the growing popularity, there are still myths surrounding yoga that create barriers for men to start. Of course, we can’t force you to do it if you’re not comfortable enough. However, if it peaks your interest, go try it out! Does it hurt to be surrounded by beautiful women while also improving your health and wellness? If you have a male friend, son, husband, or partner, encourage them to do yoga!


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