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As transition measures (PSBB Transisi) to the new normal, Indonesian government have allowed fitness facilities to reopen. This comes with the prerequisite of keeping the visitors number below 50% of its capacity and prohibiting people under 9 years old and above 60 years old from entering the premises.
Aside from the mandatory measures, sports and fitness facilities are taking extra precautions to reduce risks of COVID-19. These measures include regular disinfection of the area, body temperature check, and creating clear physical distancing marks around the area.
STRONGBEE recognizes that hygiene is now an even more important factor in considering a place for sports or fitness activities. Recently, we embed this idea into our directory system, with our newly-launched Hygiene Badge. This badge enables users to know whether an establishment has followed government protocols and made additional efforts to curb COVID-19 spreading.
STRONGBEE checks every studio and gym that are opening offline classes to ensure that they are following protocols and ensuring the utmost hygiene such as by sanitizing the area. Once hygiene is confirmed, we put a hygiene badge that users can find as they search for places to train offline.
We support and recommend fitness facilities to follow these protocols. It is our belief that to make sport a part of our lifestyle, we need to feel comfortable, secure, and motivated. The Hygiene Badge is a part of our mission to make fitness more accessible in this pandemic.
By rewarding a Hygiene Badge, we hope more fitness facilities realize the importance of keeping their space healthy, and at the same time users also know their responsibilities to keep their surrounding community safe.
Acknowledging that offline classes in gyms and studios are still limited, virtual training is still available to choose from our application. Users are also welcomed to book private classes with our selections of certified trainers.


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